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Elections in Chile

23 °C

I find it hard not write a new entry on this blog every time I come across something I want to share with others. I don´t want my whole trip to be at the computer, but today is election day here in Santiago so they closed everything! literally everything is closed except for supermarkets and internet cafes. Hence the reason why I am on the computer.

Today was beautiful. I woke early and paid another visit to Santa Lucia , a large mountain in which the city was founded on. I met a a cool guy named Adam from South Africa there and we toured a majority of the city on foot snapping some great pictures. I was able to see the top of the Andes mountains from the peak of Santa Lucia. They are the biggest things I have ever seen. It felt like I was looking straight up.

I grabbed a great drink today off the street which was really tasty. It is a nectar tea with peaches and some sort of rice fruit in it. Its called Moto. Lou can also find fresh squeezed juices on the street for 500 pesos. That's less than 1 USD. For food at restaurants, a sandwich will cost roughly 2000 pesos. A meal about 2300 pesos. you will pay more if you choose to dine obviously. But You basically pay around 5 bux to sit down and eat. I shouldn´t say that Chile is notorious for their ice cream because thats not what they like to take claim for. But the ice cream in Chile is notorious. do try it!

I need to do a little more research on Pablo Nuerdo when I have time. He is a famous poet and supposibly has this enormous house that is a must see. I am looking forward to tomorrow. I´m meeting up with some travelers from a GAP adventure trip and I plan on making a day trip to Valparaiso.

Chile has some really run down areas but it doesn't seem to bother the people here . I haven´t been able to determine distinct line in the social classes here other than the occasional homeless drunk man sleeping on a bench. A lot of the buildings are old and crumbling but have a rugged Victorian look to them. You can easily distinguish the original buildings from the modern, architecturally-sound buildings that must all be designed to withstand earthquakes here. There many new high rise condominiums under development. I think I saw ads for at least twenty planned high rises on just on one block.

I am starting to think I would like to do this for the rest of my life...


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Santiago, Chile

Just a few quick notes about Chile

20 °C

Watch out for the dog shit in the street. There are a lot of stray dogs.

Women get yelled at if they dress provocative by the Chilean men.

Escudo is a great beer that everyone drinks and a litre cots roughly 2 USD.

Definitely ride the biceleta verde company. It is the best way to experience la cuidad de Santiago.

La Policia looks like GI Joes. They have massive armor/equipment on and patrol the city on dirt bikes or horses.

Overall Santiago is a very safe and cheap city.

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bienvenidos a Chile!

21 °C

I am going to start this entry off telling you how great Copa Airlines is. The only thing I paid for was the flight itself. How about that? I got free drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic), a free movie, free pillows and blankets. They even let you check two bags!

I am not going to add too much to these entries because the internet connection I have been getting down here has been slow. But I would like to tell you that Santiago is a young, vibrant and lively town. There is street music until early hours in the morning and young kids partying everywhere.

I met some really cool guys from Brazil who were extremely educated and knew more about the US economy and our election than 50 percent of my friends. They also gave me some recommendations on what to do when I get to Brazil. I´ll share them later.

It is approaching summer here, but it is a little cloudy out today. Two liters of beer, (Austral i believe it was. I´ll get back to you on that one) a pack of smokes and a slice of pizza ran me roughly eight bux! at that rate I am going to be in the worst shape of my life in a few weeks.

I´ll be sure to plug in further details into these entries in the future.



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Santiago, Chile

What should I do when I arrive and what should I be aware of?

-17 °C

So I will be arriving in Santiago Chile in exactly ten days. I will be staying in at the Andes Hostel Monjitas 506 Barrio Bellas Artes. The place is really cheap and it looks pretty cool. It was recommended to me from a friend of a friend who stayed there before.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I should do? I am going to be there alone for roughly four days, so I am up for anything. I will be sure to scope out the Chilean nightlife. I was reading on tripadvisor.com about some clubs and this place called street machine sounds like it is a must see. Users compared to an Ibiza style club scene.

I also read that first time visitors should go on a bike tour to get the full grasp of the city and check out some breathtaking views. I hear La Bicicleta Verde is a great tour company to use. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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Surfers Paradise

Bond Uni

Surfers paradise couldn't be more appropriately named. Surfers is a safe haven for girls, bars, clubs, late night eateries, strip clubs and of course, surfers. The crystal beach ocean line is satiated with beautiful aussie girls who are usually around the age of 18. The bars are as abundant as the waves and the food consists of everything from kebabs to Hawaiian pizza.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the bars in surfers and pretty much most of Queensland won't let you stay in the bar if you are drunk. So, the bartenders can serve you until you start acting like a jerk and a sloppy drunk. I don't know if this is a law or just a fascist attempt by the bouncers to ruin your night.

Cigarettes will run you about $10 (AUS). You can usually find deals on jugs of beer, better known as a "pitchers" to us North Americans. And correct me if I am wrong, but a think a pint is called a schooner.

A maxi taxi is the most convenient way to get to and from the bars. Maxi taxis usually fit about 8-10 people but if you find a cool cabbie, he will be more than happy to put in as many of your friends as possible. Just be sure to give him a nice tip. Though tips are not usually expected in Australia, they are still appreciated. Be cautious of taxi's overcharging you and your party to get to a short destination. Always ask for a flat rate because prices are always negotiable.

Recommended beers: Tooheys New, xxxx, Victoria Bitter
Recomended bars: Melbas, Shooters, The Shack, Beer Garden
Warnings: Bundaberg (quite possibly the most foul tasting alcohol I have ever tried).

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